Within Reach Tour Australia 2016 #WROz

This year’s long motorcycle tour is…

Archie and I are heading out on our Touring Motorbikes, his a Honda VFR800 Sports Tourer, mine my beloved Ducati Multistrada 1200S Touring Adventure Tourer. Our aim is the High Country, Phillip Island, the Great Ocean Road, all the way to Adelaide and back.

You can follow our progress as tracked on my phone here:

or on my SPOT Device at http://rog42.net/map/

Revolutionising Travel – The VR Travel Platform

Could VR Travel Revolutionise Planning?
Could VR Travel Revolutionise Planning?
Credit: Travel Pulse

When last did you book travel? Especially for pleasure. How did you find that experience.

Depending on the holiday, I find it both invigorating and frustrating.


Invigorating because I make a point to research activities, accommodation, and transport for everywhere we’re planning to go. I once created a ‘Guide Book’ that was 33% a ‘Lonely Planet’ type guide, 33% a Tripit style wallet of important information, confirmation numbers, phone numbers and addresses, emergency numbers and the like; and 33% empty space so everyone could journal their holiday.

Whenever someone asked a question on the 5 week South African Tour the family would shout out “It’s in the Guide Book!”


But creating the book was also frustrating. It seemed impossible simply trying to decide on Accommodation and whether to fly or drive to locations. Or even decide between locations.

How revolutionising would it be to literally travel to the location virtually? If you could don a VR headset and try something out  before even committing to comparing prices.


If you own a holiday destination, this must surely be a nascent opportunity you can use to differentiate your business right now. If you’re a traveller, a back-packer, this must surely be an opportunity you can capitilise on right now (with the right camera.)

Don’t let the big corporates take this away from you. Figure out how to get VR experiences into the hands of holiday planners.

Blockchain And The Trusted Third Party

Blockchain disintermediates trusted third parties
Disintermediating Trusted Third Parties
Credit: Blockchain

I have a good friend, a colleague in the Fintech Start-up space who submitted an entry for funding for a Blockchain Start-up. The ‘deciding committee’ rejected the opportunity on the grounds that nothing the start-up could do, a ‘Trusted Third Party’ couldn’t do.


That’s the point.

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, the digital currency. Can you have a currency with a trusted third party? Of course. All currencies rely on trusted third parties. Usually the government, or a government agency. The whole point of Bitcoin is that you now have a currency without a trusted third party. Because the technology codifies the trust.

So to reject a start-up because you could do the same thing with a trusted third party is ridiculous. Of course you can. That’s the whole point of Blockchain.

We need to move beyond the legacy evaluation of innovation in Australia, and consider the subtleties and opportunities of nascent technology.

To Enduro, Or Not To Enduro, That Is The Question

Open Day

Picture of a Red and White Multistrada Enduro
The new beast
Credit: Ducati

I popped into the Fraser Motorcycles “Open Day” today. Always a good day mingling around other bikers and looking at the new toys on display. And of course I took another opportunity to consider whether I’ll ‘upgrade’ my beloved Multistrada for the new Multistrada Enduro.

There’s a lot going for it. A new bike with 4 years warranty would set my mind at ease. Especially considering mine is now 7 months out of warranty. (Of course the flip side of that is Ducati fixed everything)

Also the riding I’d like to do as our lifestyle changes suits the Enduro is far more:

  • 30l tank
  • Large aluminum panniers
  • Double swingarm
  • Great digital dash
  • Cornering ABS
  • Cornering headlights, the list goes on.

On The Other Hand

The Enduro with the options I want is $35k. Ouch! And there are no demo or second hand models available as it’s still too new.

But Why?

Added to this, I need to remind myself the very reason I have a Multi and not a 1200GS is because of the bulk of the bike. Already filtering and parking in the city is a challenge. The last thing I’d want to do is buy a new bike that’s more expensive than my car only to be stuck in traffic like a car.

To Enduro, Or Not To Enduro

As you can tell, I’m erring not to. In fact, I’m thinking about selling/trading the Multi on a near new GS for a couple of years until there’s a near new Enduro. Or just putting more into my current bike: Crash bars, riding lights, dash cam, etc and keeping her.

After all #ILoveMyMulti