Internet Explorer 8 – 3 Dev tips in 3 minutes

I just came back from a great community event, run by developers for developers. It’s called CodeCampOz and takes place at the Charles Sturt University campus in Wagga Wagga. More on that later, but one of the technologies that we didn’t spend a lot of time on was Internet Explorer 8.

For web developers IE8 is actually quite a big deal: Firstly because now being web standards compatible, there are a couple of things to ensure you check and implement on sites developed for previous versions of IE so your website doesn’t “break.” That’s old news. However, there are 3 features you can implement on your websites, which IE8 can use to radically speed up and improve the web browsing experience:

  1. Webslices – keep a track of dynamic web content (e.g. an Auction or stock tracker) from your browser without having to go to the site.
  2. Accelerators – Click on any text in your webpage and get a results from a dedicated keyword search on your site
  3. Visual Search Providers – Allows you to create a search provider which can be used from the toolbar on any site and provide visual results from your own

Last week Michael Kordahi, of Delicate Genius fame, delivered an internal Microsoft session showing how developers can take advantage of these features. So in true DPE fashion, we challenged him to deliver the same content in 3 x 3 min segments. Challenged as in “I bet there’s no way you can deliver a webcast on each of these features in under 3 minutes.”

Here are the results of that challenge:

Screencast: IE8 WebSlices in 3 minutes

Screencast: IE8 Accelerators in 3 minutes

Screencast: IE8 Visual Search Providers with suggestions in 3 minutes

Go Delicate Genius!!

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Great Announcement for Higher Ed Students

I just got wind of this great opportunity for Higher Ed Students through the internal mail today. Check out the video which explains our new “Corporate Branding Program” for students in exchange for a lifetime discount.

Contact your local MS Student Partner, or the Academic Evangelism Team: Andrew Parsons and Karo Esmaili for more details on positioning and claiming your discount. Check the MSOzAcademic blog for the official release at noon today (April 1)

Social Etiquette

It never ceases to amaze me, the nuances of social etiquette. I’ve lived in enough countries, and locales, to have been the “new kid on the block” many times, and always there’s an acceptance flow from “tourist => visitor => foreigner => newby => accepted local” Becoming part of the local crowd is as much in the subtle mannerisms and understanding of the informal hierarchies, as it is in the big understanding and allegiances to sport, politics, and entertainment styles.

Here’s a great video of the South African braai, analagous to the Aussie or American BBQ, but with enough differences to make it unique.

I disagree on poking the wors (sausage) – where I grew up, Boerewors should be left to “cook in it’s own juice.” What new group are you in? What are the big things people build rapport upon? What are the differences? Should you bother adopting local norms to build rapport, or is that unauthentic? Can you do this in an authentic way?

1 Month in

This week was one of wrap up and preparation. The end of Q3 for our financial year, preparing for a strong Q4, and all the next financial year planning that’s about to come crashing down, and that’s not to mention TechEd09. Huge things planned there. My role this year is looking after “Community and Industry” and as always willing to learn, to try something new. So if you have any thoughts on:

  • How we can include Community in the TechEd09 experience – or –
  • How we can extend TechEd09 experience to the Community

Please do contact me using the usual channels – Twitter, Facebook, Email etc

Oh and I’ll be at CodeCampOz next week-end. Are you a developer? Going to CodeCampOz? You should, as ever Mitch and Greg have done a fantastic job in lining up some of the best .NET Developer Speakers in the industry right now.

It’s also the end of my first month of cycling to work. If you watched my first video, you’ll be pleased to hear that I can successfully cycle all the way up all the hills both to and from work now. As I found out on that fateful first trip, the first 750m from my front door is more gruelling than it seems. Of course it’s also the treat when I cycle home again 🙂

So a month in, and totally committed. I almost feel like I’m cheating on the days that I drive. But I’m not ready to make this an everyday event just yet. For the last two weeks I’ve cycled to and fro 3 times, and this week added a session of the good ol’ “Hammertime” boxercise again. I truly felt it riding home tonight.

So another couple of weeks easing up to 4 times, and we’ll see how much of that spare tyre I managed to shift by the time I go to South Africa in May….

But before then – CodeCampOz – see you there



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