Corporate Survival Hack #1

A young swallow once broke his wing, so couldn't join his mates on the migration south for the winter. A month or so into the season, wing newly healed, he took off for the long flight. But it was too cold, and before long in a storm, he froze and fell, landing in a large snow drift.

A cow shivering in the field noticed the strange object fall and wandered over to investigate. Not seeing anything apart from the hole in the snow, she shat all over it.

The frozen swallow thawed and then warmed by the cow dung stuck his head out of the pile and sang for joy at his miraculous salvation.

A passing cat heard the joyful swallow, and promptly ate him.

There are three principles you can learn from this parable:

  1. Those that put you in the shit are not necessarily your enemies.
  2. Those that take you out of the shit are not necessarily your friends.
  3. And, if you're warm and happy in shit – shut up!!


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