To Enduro, Or Not To Enduro, That Is The Question

Open Day

Picture of a Red and White Multistrada Enduro
The new beast
Credit: Ducati

I popped into the Fraser Motorcycles “Open Day” today. Always a good day mingling around other bikers and looking at the new toys on display. And of course I took another opportunity to consider whether I’ll ‘upgrade’ my beloved Multistrada for the new Multistrada Enduro.

There’s a lot going for it. A new bike with 4 years warranty would set my mind at ease. Especially considering mine is now 7 months out of warranty. (Of course the flip side of that is Ducati fixed everything)

Also the riding I’d like to do as our lifestyle changes suits the Enduro is far more:

  • 30l tank
  • Large aluminum panniers
  • Double swingarm
  • Great digital dash
  • Cornering ABS
  • Cornering headlights, the list goes on.

On The Other Hand

The Enduro with the options I want is $35k. Ouch! And there are no demo or second hand models available as it’s still too new.

But Why?

Added to this, I need to remind myself the very reason I have a Multi and not a 1200GS is because of the bulk of the bike. Already filtering and parking in the city is a challenge. The last thing I’d want to do is buy a new bike that’s more expensive than my car only to be stuck in traffic like a car.

To Enduro, Or Not To Enduro

As you can tell, I’m erring not to. In fact, I’m thinking about selling/trading the Multi on a near new GS for a couple of years until there’s a near new Enduro. Or just putting more into my current bike: Crash bars, riding lights, dash cam, etc and keeping her.

After all #ILoveMyMulti