Free Parking at Sydney Airport

Project 2012: Day 206

Post Updated for 2016 here: 

It’s true, both for Domestic and International, parking is free for motorbikes at Sydney Airport.


DomesticParkingAt the domestic terminal most bikes use the yellow chevron painted area near the Pay Machine. Come in on the Virgin, Terminal 2 entrance, and you’ll see bikes parked right there. If you come in after about 6am, there’s usually not any space, in which case you have one of about 3 options:

  • Park opposite the Pay Machine, in front of the chained access area
  • Head around to the Qantas, Terminal 3 side
  • Go downstairs close to the exit, where you’ll see many more bikes parked.

To enter, simply take a ticket, or ride around the boom.

To exit, ride around any of the booms


Where the Domestic parking seems “tolerated” the International bike parking seems “official.” Head up to Departures, rather than to Arrivals & Parking.

Stay in the right hand lane, and turn right at the “Valet Parking” sign over the walkway to the new covered parking garage. Instead of turning left into the valet parking, ride to the parking garage. Once inside, on the right-hand side there is an entrance to a fenced off motorbike parking area. There are always scooters and bikes there, but I’ve not yet found not enough space to park there.

Be warned though. A couple of weeks ago a bike parked so close as to block access to my right pannier. I had to take the bike off the stand, lean it over and wheel it out. Last week, someone actually broke my hand guard. They must’ve been really close and caught it with their handlebar whilst moving their bike forward off of a stand.

You can also park in other bays in the car park, although most bikers respect spaces for cars, and park in the angular chevroned areas where cars don’t fit. Or you can head outside. This is ok if you’re just there for the day, but if my bike is there for a week, I’d rather it was under cover.

The area is under video surveillance, and I lock the brake with an alarmed lock for safety sake.

This has to be the cheapest, and quickest way too and from the airport. Hot smile

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for this info. Have just returned fm 5 days in NZ for work and left the bike at international as you indicated. Very handy indeed. Thanks for taking time and effort to post this info.

  2. need to rent a car and pick up someone right in the airport and was researching whether I can ride to and leave the bike there , your info comes in handy..thanks so much for the effort!

  3. Awesome post!!! I love people who provide “community service” announcements! I’d been catching trains in and I’m excited just to be able to get straight on my bike and head home after a flight!

  4. Great info, have always wondered how it works at the airport, always wish I had my bike there when arriving back and having to queue for taxis. Now I just need to find a way to pack light so that I can get away with a rucksack.

    I was curious about your blog so took a look around, loved the vetkoek article, brings back memories, haven’t had one in about 20 years…

    1. Hey Gavin, you’re very welcome. I also haven’t had vetkoek for waaaay too long. Plan to change that once I’ve reached my “goal weight” (sigh) – hoping to finish out the year with a couple more SA staples.

  5. Hey Rog,

    I googled for this information and yours was the first site that came up – Thanks for the info! I’m sending a friend off at the airport and good to know the bike parking is free as I’ll probably be there a while. See you back at the office 😉

  6. Thanks for the info. Will be heading to Melbourne over the weekend and intend to park my scooter at the domestic terminal. You’re saying it’s pretty full there past 6am – does it lighten up again towards late afternoon/ early evening (thinking 4pm-ish)? Re riding around the booms – I suppose you’re on camera and security would have your license plate if they really wanted to chase after you. Anyone had any problems there yet or recently? I know in the shopping centres they never care, but wasn’t sure about the airport. Cheers!

    1. Hey Tobias

      Sorry I replied so late (been too busy travelling to blog :-p) Some answers:
      1. Yeah it seems to lighten up throughout the day, especially midweek. I guess people travel out in the morning, back in the afternoon, and some fly early, some later in the week
      2. No problems that I’ve heard of. I’ve been doing this for the better part of two years now and a LOT recently

      You’re very welcome

      Stay upright

  7. Rog,

    Very cool, riding in today instead of facing the car traffic and a big parking fee.
    Your a champ!!!



    1. Sure is 🙂 and better than $56 (or $76 for valet) car parking for the day too.

      I’m off to Brisbane in the morning and will be on the Duc 🙂

  8. Hi Roger,

    super helpful,

    I’m off to tech-Ed tomorrow morning and was wondering about bike parking. It’s 2 wheels for me and saving $250+.


  9. Hi just want to make sure..Is it still untimed parking? And do they still always have spaces at the international terminal?thanx

    1. Hi Viv,

      Yes and yes. For domestic they have now painted Motorcycle parking spaces (instead of just parking in hashed zones). You have to collect a ticket, but just ride around the boom on your way out.

      For international there’s a marked spot as you enter the multilevel car park across the bridge opposite departures. You can just ride in without going through the boom. There are also marked spaces at the end of every car row inside, and a bunch outside. Again, just go around the boom on your way out.


      1. Thanx so much Roger. U r very helpful. I left my bike for a week in international terminal. Thinking to leave it for almost 2 weeks in domestic. Do u think it’s ok? And when u said there were painted spaces at the end of car rows inside, they have that too in domestic? Just worried if i can’t get any spot.

      2. Hi Viv,

        I’ve left my bike for up to 10 days at International (though not at domestic). At the very least International has video surveillance. As for Domestic, on the ground level on the way out there are official motorbike spots (although mostly full in my experience) Pretty sure that they would be best for a longer trip.


  10. Just wondering if anything has changed re. motorbike parking at International? Still OK to go up the ‘departures ‘ ramp and into the undercover parking? My brother is a Captain with QANTAS and doing his very last flight to LA/New York as I type. (45 years service!) Would love to surprise him when he exits the terminal-might even through a streamer or two! Thanks. Jeff

      1. Thanks, Roger. Thanks also for link to your travel blog-what a great ride! Look forward to seeing some more pics of the adventure when you return. Safe travels.

  11. Cool – Traveling to NZ today, I normally stay at domestic park the bike no problems the new locations are now getting pretty full.

    Have never done International so will give her a go today – I normally taxi or train in but the bike is certainly the cheapest option – always get looks when a guy in a suit gets off his GSXR 750!!!

      1. Hi Mark,

        Yep they’ve changed the entry boom length at both Domestic and International terminals. But not the exit boom length. In the last 3 months I’ve flown a number of times domestically and internationally, just accept the ticket at entry, they ride around the boom at exit.


    1. Hi Scott

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I’ve been travelling a bit myself 🙂

      There have been changes at both Sydney Domestic and International, but none that affect bikers having to pay. There are now heaps of motorcycle parking spots on the ground level of the Domestic carpark, and the exit boom gates have been changed at the International car park. But it’s still free for motorcyclists to park at both. I’ve already done so this year (2015)


  12. Thanks Rog42! Very helpful, I parked in domestic carpark in between T2 and T3 and am hoping all will be ok when I exit. I checked the boom gates and they look like I definitely won’t be able to squeeze past. Is there a sneaky exit, through a pedestrian walkway perhaps?

    1. No probs Heather,

      What are you riding that you don’t think you can squeeze past? I ride a Ducati Multistrada, and returned from P2/3 Domestic Terminal on Tuesday this week. I have really wide bars with handle guards on them, and have no problems.

  13. Hi Rog42 this is awesome, Thanks….Found googling.

    Just one question I am flying away for 3 days. Is it ok to leave the bike overnight ??


  14. Hi NOT SO GOOD!!!

    So I followed this advise and left it next to another 10 motorbikes, domestic airport, next to the entry.
    When I left today I realised that there was a no Parking sign (330 fine) specifically for motorcycles…

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for updating the comments. Things change all the time, and this post you’ll notice is originally from 2012, so almost 3 years old.

      I can say that I’ve parked my bike a number of times at both domestic and international this year (2015) as recently as beginning April. So if there are fined areas, these are totally new. Biker beware I guess. From memory there are still heaps of spots on the ground level before exiting.


      1. Hi Rog,

        YEs, they may be new as you say. I did not see it on Friday, it was 6 am, pouring rain, i was late… i missed it. I tell you though, it’s strange there were so many bikes there parked still..
        anyway, i thought this post may help others be aware

        ps. In NSW, do you know where I can go to race?


      2. Hey Rob,

        Last week I parked at International, in the marked off area, and didn’t need to pay on exit.

        On Monday I parked at Domestic, in a space too small for a car (but big enough for my Duc and another bike) and again, rode around the exit.

        I would NOT park in a marked evacuation zone, or blocking a pedestrian walkway. And as much as possible, try to avoid a car spot.


      3. No way it’s $30 in Sydney at least. The minimum parking fine is above 110AUD (I got several…)
        but anyway, I got nothing so probably I was safe.

  15. Thought i’d provide an update here too. I work at the airport and have recently got a motorbike. Been parking in the domestic terminal T2 for the last 2 weeks without incident. Today however I got a ticket for parking over the white dashed lines (many motorbikes were issued fines today). From now on i’ll be sure to park in motorbike zones or car parks.

    I ride through a the pedestrian walk way on the way in and then go through a pedestrian crossing on the way out. They have recently decommissioned the half cut boom gate that used to be on the T3 side of the carpark. Fingers crossed I can keep getting away with parking here, otherwise will need to look at other avenues.

  16. I have used the international terminal option a few times without a problem. However, I had a look a few days ago (May 26 ’15) whilst passing on foot and they have chained up the access to the area in the vicinity of the Valet Parking. It looks to me like you now have to go through the boom gates. There were still several bikes in there but I’m wondering if they now have to pay through the nose. Anyone have an update?

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      I flew to Shanghai a couple of weeks ago, and like you I noted that the pre-boom entrance is now chained up, so you have to get a ticket on entry. However, I did park in the chained off area (and noted there are a number of end spaces marked for bikes on all levels), I just rode around the boom gate on exit.

      So things are definitely changing, but at this stage one can still park in both domestic and international for free on the bike. I would recommend though that:
      1) You check back (here at least) with the zeitgeist prior to parking. Worst case scenario is having to pay a full fare.
      2) Park legally. There are a number of bikes, and I’ve been guilty of this in the past, that park in zoned off areas, e.g. emergency assembly points etc. My strong recommendation is to not do that. By all means park somewhere where a car can’t park, that is not blocking car or pedestrian traffic. But avoid explicitly marked, prohibited areas, and signed no-parking areas. Again, at worst, take a car spot. If all the bike spots are taken, I’ll often share a car spot with another bike or two.
      3) Which brings me to: Be nice. If you’re going to take a car spot, park to one side so at least another bike can get in. If you are going to share a spot, don’t park the previous bike in. I.e. Don’t be a douche bag, be a biker. We’re generally nice people that value our pride and joys, and respect the investment other riders have in their passions.

      I travel enough to check both areas at least monthly on average. If anything changes I’ll be sure to post here.

  17. thanks mate i travel fly in fly out n go for 28 days at atime the parking bill is crazy . I am bringing my bike next time , thanks for the info I will be watching your blog for updates .

  18. Hey everyone,
    Any news of domestic airport parking? Id come by scooter and Id leave it there for 2 days!
    Can you still park for free?

    1. Yep no problem.

      I parked there last week, and this week at the International Terminal.

      You do need to take a ticket, and make sure you don’t park in an obstructive area – like an emergency assembly area, or in front of a pedestrian crossing etc. But you can ride around the exit boom at both terminals

    1. Yup – parked there last week for a four day trip to the Philippines. You have to take a ticket upon entry, but there’s plenty of gap at the exit boom

    1. Hi Roy, I park my bike in P3 at domestic airport daily. There as been a scooter parked there for 3-4 months now and it is still there. I have no doubt you will be fine. Just try not to park in a car space. On the first level above ground there is a good corner you can park in hassle free. Good luck!!

  19. Hi Rog42,

    Thanks for the thread on Sydney Airport Motorcycle Parking. I decided to give the free parking a go and left my bike in Domestic P3 (nice big corner spots where cars can’t park) for a week. I returned to my bike today with seemingly no issues to be had. Hopefully the below will be useful for your readers:

    After scouting P2 a week earlier, I noticed a big ‘fare evasion is a crime’ sign at the exit and found it difficult to get around the barrier – hence why I parked in P3 which has shorter barrier arms. Below is what Sydney Airport have to say after I lodged an inquiry around motorcycle parking before I traveled but didn’t read until I got home:

    “There are no designated motorcycle bays in P3. In P2 there designated motorcycle bays on the ground level, just inside the entry. In P1, there are designated motorcycle bays on the ground level and level 3. If you are unable to find a designated space you may park in a space too small for a car, however you must comply with any signage and not be obstructing anything.
    Motorcycles are charged at the same rates applicable to cars”.

    Hopefully I won’t receive a ticket in the mail!


    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the update. I’ve parked at Domestic twice in the last week, P1. Once in a car-spot on T3 side, with 2 other bikes in the spot. The other on the T2 side, on the left. There is a Motorcycle Prohibited sign, although you could probably argue that it only covers a limited area. I was squeezed in with another 5 bikes, all behind the yellow line and not obstructing either drive or walk ways.

      As usual I manouvered around the boom on the way out.

      This coming Sunday I’ll be flying International, and parking in the multi-level with the bikes on L2 again.

      No tickets in the mail or otherwise that I’ve seen.

      Stay upright, and thanks for contributing.


      1. Hi Rog et al.
        I parked at the international in the Valet parking area for a week in January. Rode around the barrier with no issue.

    1. Thanks Tony 🙂

      Actually it doesn’t suck nearly as much as most other cities in the world. You should try the traffic in LA, or San Francisco, let alone Shanghai, London, Brussels, Paris, New York… You get the idea. And on a motorbike, well, I’ve yet to come across a city that really sucks.

      Badgery’s Creek would be worse for me without a hyperloop because of distance.

    1. Hey Isaac,

      Good point. I’ll update the post on that. I have commented in the thread, that essentially it hasn’t changed. I parked my bike at International last week for a 2 night trip to NZ, with no problems. In fact the motorcycle space was all but empty, probably because of the torrential rain that day.


  20. I parked at Domestic on Friday last week, arrived 6.15am. Got through the Valet barrier at P1 no worries, but all the m/cycle bays there already full. In fact I had to ride around for 10min until I found a 3/4 space I shared with another bike already there at P2 lvl 3.
    The hard part was getting out. The boom gates at the P2 exit (facing the same street that you enter/exit P3) were long, and I had to place the bike wheels right next to the gutter and angle the bike so the right mirror wouldn’t hit the barrier. I scraped the protection hoop on the left doing so, but I guess that’s what it’s there for (ex-cop R12rt-p). Smaller, narrower bikes would do it wasy but some larger ones would struggle I reckon. Trying P3 next time.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for the comment. I agree. Since locking down the ‘odd’ spaces, and evacuation spaces, bike parking has become a lot more contested at the Domestic terminal. I guess more people are riding too.

      To get out of P2, I head to the right of the cement pillars. There are four exits, the two on the right have the shortest booms. No problem getting out on my Multistrada with wide, high handlebars.

      As to parking, the bottom floor on both sides has a number of bike parks. Usually I find a couple of bikes have parked widely enough apart for me to get the multi in without constraining anyone.

      Please keep us updated with P3 – I’ve never tried it


      1. Hey Rob. I park in P3 daily. It used to be great, however with the current works going on they have taken my usual parking spot with a forklift and barricades. On the first level up there are still a number of spots you can leave a motorbike. The booms are easy to get out. A little more difficult to get in, but certainly not impossible 🙂

      2. Yep I’ve parked in P3 twice in the last week. A little tight getting in (but maybe you can take a ticket? Not sure, as I’ve always pre-booked when parking a car there) but exit on left-side boom gate a generous space.

        I parked in the same spot on Level 2 (first floor) and it was easy. First time had to walk down fire stairs due to work on closer stairs/lift, the second time the lifts were back in operation. Not sure how just-announced short-term pkg in P3 will change things for m/cycles. Hopefully not at all!

    1. Hey Richard

      Thanks for updating the blog. I haven’t been travelling since my heart attack, so wasn’t aware of the changes. Was this in the Domestic or the International carpark? Also was this for all booms, just the entrances or just the exits?


      1. Sorry to hear about it! Tried to get out of domestic and signs saying police will be called for avoiding paying and the booms had been replaced with ones that go the entire way across. No room to slip past. Not sure if it’s the same on all exits. I slipped out a pedestrian exit under construction. Will go for a reccy to see what the story is on other exits. Tried to see if there was anything on the website but no mention. I think it’s a bit lame if they change the exit and not the entry. You have no idea until it’s too late. And bikes really should be encouraged I’m thinking.

  21. Hi Rog,

    Traveling to Tassie for funeral tomorrow 11 oct 16, thinking of riding the VFR to domestic, found your blog searching for bike parking, sorry to hear about your recent health scare, hope you’re on the mend, had my heart scare 18 years ago, all good now. any updates regarding parking at the domestic? thank you in advance:)

    1. Hi Dave, apologies for the terrible tardiness in my reply. And condolences for the friend/family funeral you attended.
      To be honest the last I used the airport was probably September and I rode around the booms as in the past. Although I took a ticket on entry.

    1. Spoke to a guy in December who works there. Employees bikes seem to park in the bottom of T2 and the boom gates still have a gap. He said best way to get in was ground level on the Qantas side. Then leave at end of T2 near T3. Heaps of bikes parked there in standard parking spaces.

    2. Met a guy in December who works at the airport. Seems it’s best to park in P2 at the P3 end on ground level. Entry via P2 on the Qantas terminal side at ground level. Exit ground level P2 at P3 end. Plenty of room at the boom gates. P1 exit now has boom gates that don’t allow bikes past.

  22. Very handy discussion… thanks for all the info. Just wondering if anyone has had any recent experience parking a large-ish motorbike (1000cc) at the International multi-level carpark recently? The above comments indicate that some boom gates have been extended to prevent the ride around option, although those comments seem to relate to the Domestic Terminal. Any recent gouge on International parking would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Gary.

    1. Hey Gary

      My bike is a Ducati Multistrada 1200S, big, wide handlebars, all of the above. I’ve not had challenges in the past from the International Terminal. But to be fair I haven’t travelled internationally since October 2016, and even then I drove rather than rode. So I don’t have recent experience. I am going to the airport on Monday and will update the thread.


      1. I snuck around the barrier on my 1200GS a while back. A tad tight but not difficult. I was there in my car the other day and noted the arms have not been extended.

      2. Thanks, Rog. My bike’s similar dimensions to your Multi (S1000XR), so I’m keen to hear how you go. Cheers, Gary.

  23. Hi Rog42.
    Excellent thread for us motorcycling traveller’s.
    Was hoping there was a recent update for the international terminal parking.
    Heading OS in two weeks and taking the bike straight from work to the airport would be perfect as I have no luggage.

    1. Hi Woody

      Apologies for the tardy reply. As far as I know, it’s still possible to park bikes for free at International. You may have to take a ticket, but can exit around the boom gates.


  24. Hi Rog, thank you for this service you’ve provided to riders. I parked for three nights at Domestic in early September 2018 and rode around both the entry and exit booms. It was a tight fit for my 50cc scooter, so would be very difficult for a larger motor bike.

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