P12-109: Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows

Project 2012: Day 109

The first of this franchise copped a lot of flack for not staying close to the sleuthing talents of Conan-Doyles’ Holmes, but straying into action, effects, and lame humour. As a purist, I probably agree, but as a movie viewer, I have to say, it was a lot of fun.

Game of Shadows takes the concept one step further than the last movie. The characters are no deeper, and transform very little. The plot is predictable. Despite the (Spoiler Alert) efforts of the writers to make you think Holmes dies at the end, you know that this can’t possibly be true.

Still the make-up, especially for his camouflage is brilliant. Shooting and explosion scenes pretty awesome. If going bigger than the last was the objective, challenge.

Still, it’s a roller-coaster, not a literary masterpiece, and on the roller-coaster you enjoy the thrill of the ride. No disappointment here.

Worth seeing at the cinema once. Not necessarily worth seeing it in 3D (sigh!). Definitely worth getting in HD for a further viewing at home.

Fun flick.

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