P12-113: Breakfast for Men

Project 2012: Day 113

Sometimes you have a man’s hunger. It’s true. Cereal just won’t cut it. And don’t give me that noncy “egg white omelette on dry soy lin toast” crap. Seriously, where do people come up with this stuff.

It seems a tradition in Australia, at most breakfast joints (cafes, truck stops and the like) to offer a bacon and egg roll. Fair enough. But let’s face it. A bit insipid.

No, what I’m talking about it a man’s breakfast.

Something like this:

  • Take a long white roll (at least 6 inches)
  • Slice in half and butter (real butter is best)
  • Good quality tomato sauce on both top and bottom half (Heinz is good here)
    • You can substitute tomato sauce with a smokey BBQ sauce
  • Next at least 3 rashers of thick cut, preferably grilled, bacon
  • Now at least one, but preferably two, good quality beef sausages. (South Africans, Boerewors is good here)
  • Top off with some more tomato/BBQ sauce
  • Serve hot with a steaming, man-sized mug of strong tea
  • Sometimes a fresh cold OJ complements this well too

I guarantee you breakfast satisfaction.

I also recommend infrequent indulgence if you’d like to avoid appointments with a cardiologist Hot smile

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