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Could VR Travel Revolutionise Planning?
Could VR Travel Revolutionise Planning?
Credit: Travel Pulse

When last did you book travel? Especially for pleasure. How did you find that experience.

Depending on the holiday, I find it both invigorating and frustrating.


Invigorating because I make a point to research activities, accommodation, and transport for everywhere we’re planning to go. I once created a ‘Guide Book’ that was 33% a ‘Lonely Planet’ type guide, 33% a Tripit style wallet of important information, confirmation numbers, phone numbers and addresses, emergency numbers and the like; and 33% empty space so everyone could journal their holiday.

Whenever someone asked a question on the 5 week South African Tour the family would shout out “It’s in the Guide Book!”


But creating the book was also frustrating. It seemed impossible simply trying to decide on Accommodation and whether to fly or drive to locations. Or even decide between locations.

How revolutionising would it be to literally travel to the location virtually? If you could don a VR headset and try something out  before even committing to comparing prices.


If you own a holiday destination, this must surely be a nascent opportunity you can use to differentiate your business right now. If you’re a traveller, a back-packer, this must surely be an opportunity you can capitilise on right now (with the right camera.)

Don’t let the big corporates take this away from you. Figure out how to get VR experiences into the hands of holiday planners.