Ride Review: The Ducati Scrambler – Episode Two – The Long Ride

Getting my Hipster on #Scrambler #Ducati

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Back in February I reviewed the new(ish) Ducati Scrambler, then I had a 30 min test ride on the 800cc version. Today I got to ride the LAMS approved Scrambler Sixty2.

My opinions haven’t changed too much from that previous review, although I did get to take it down to Wollongong for the Wings Over Illawarra Air Show.

That’s 84 kms each way…

…my butt is still hurting. Seriously I shifted all over the seat. The further back I got, the easier on my knees and the harder on the gluteus maximus.

This is simply not designed for highways, or long distances.

Added to the stiff suspension is the ‘parachute’ effect. Not only is the bike naked (no fairing), but also has an upright seating position with wide set handlebars. This gets pretty, um, pronounced above ~100 kph. You have to hang on on like a limpet in a hurricane.

Having said that, this is a great ride for a learner. The 400cc air-cooled engine is uncomplicated, with little to go wrong. And surprisingly nippy. At speed you’re not accelerating anywhere fast, but you have plenty of go off the lights. Good for keeping in a ‘vehicle exclusion zone.’

Funky Dash and uncomplicated cable clutch makes this #DucatiScrambler #Sixty2 an ideal learner bike

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It is really light, has ABS brakes, and a funky little display.

The bike held its own on the motorway, and I returned from the ‘Gong’ with a mate on his 1200GS. I managed to keep up with him all the way, even up Mount Ousley.

If I was 16 looking for a first bike, with rich parents, for $13k I’d probably opt for the Monster 659. To be fair, you’re not riding anywhere far on the Monster either.

(Although I know one enterprising woman who rode it to the Red Centre on the Black Dog Ride)

But the Scrambler has an aesthetic that’s hard to beat, and if you want something to look cool and have fun whilst learning to ride, the Sixty2 could be just the bike for you…