T-7 One Week to Go

We're getting to the pointy end of the planning phase now. In a week I'll be on an aeroplane heading across the Pacific to Vancouver. Then a bus to Seattle. Then, the ride….

So I've been working on accommodation. Currently the plan is three sources of inexpensive accommodation:

  1. Couchsurfing – this website, reminiscent of the Servas Organisation that started in 1946 by a Danish Couple after WWII, allows you to arrange to stay at peoples homes all around the world. Essentially sleeping on their couch, although many if not most hosts have a guest bedroom with a bed.
  2. Tent Spacing – an Adventure Rider forum I'm a member of has members all of the world that open up their backyard for other adventure riders to pitch their tents in. Camping, for free. Many also have garages with bike tools, and will let you use their shower etc.
  3. Camping – National Parks, Tent, Awesome

The trick of course is to actually let people know, and arrange a place to stay before I get there, without actually having a full itinerary set. I'll let you know how I get on…

Also my rough itinerary is very rough from a planning stage. I'm using Google Maps to generate a rough daily guide, but

“The Map is not the Reality”

So what looks like an academic 5 hour ride, could turn out to be an 11 hour, avoid potholes, trucks, snow, and driving sleet. You'll just never know until you get there.

I can't wait….


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