100 Pushups Challenge: So close….

Ok so I managed 97 pushups, then another 3 after a couple of seconds of breathing. So not quite.

But I have reached 100 pushups, so I can do it.

The training, friends made along the way, and encouragement have all been great. Thanks so much!!

Here’s the live broadcast from my phone – I’ll upload the better quality videos later today or tomorrow.

Live Broadcast

I hope that you and yours have achieved all you’ve set out to for 2010, that you reach higher aspirational goals in 2011, and relish the love and support of those around you this Christmas time.

Hundred Pushup Challenge: Less than four hours to go

And I’m frightened…

… I had every intention of completing Week 6 whilst here in South Africa on holiday, and perhaps putting an extra training session or two in. However, the demands of getting out and about, keeping in touch with friends and family, and time taken to travel, mean that I’ve not prioritised the time to exercise.

Then add the rich, and amazingly inexpensive diet, and I’m probably a couple of kilos heavier if anything. Nevertheless, the challenge was set for noon today, wherever we are. So in 3 and a quarter hours, I’ll set up the video cameras and give it my best shot.

Wish me luck and see you then 🙂

100 Pushup Challenge: Week 6 Day 2

When last did you look at something you started, and think “wow! It’s hard to believe I’ve made it this far?” Yep, we’ve only one more official training day left of the hundredpushups.com program.

When you do experience that kind’ve achievement, there are a couple of humbling realisations. You couldn’t do it without training partners, encouragement, and family taking up the slack with everything from running the kids to school, to hearing about the challenge….

This morning Therese, Archie, Anthony and I looked at the 9 sets we had to accomplish, with the finale set at 53 (to fatigue), and did the (what’s become) usual: “it’s ok, you can do it” murmurings. With a little nervous laughter. Then we set to:

Set Pushups
1 20
2 20
3 23
4 23
5 20
6 20
7 18
8 18
Finale 74



So my final training session is meant to be on Friday. As I’ll be in the midst of about 30 hours of transit, I’m probably going to defer until Saturday. Also, I’ll probably give the training a rest until the big push.

Make sure you watch for the live video stream at noon (SA Time) – that’s 21:00 Australia EST – or catch the video here.

Thanks for all the support Smile

100 Pushup Challenge: Week 6 Day 1

You know those times when you say to yourself, “I’ve met every challenge so far, so I know I can do this, even though no-one else believes I can and it looks impossible!” That was how I felt this morning.

As has become usual at my training sessions, Therese, our trainer, leads the way and busts out the sets with perfect pushups. Then the rest of us huff and puff our way through them. Week 6 starts off with a massive set of 50, then 40, then 2 of 25, finished with a set to fatigue (min 55).

Here’s how I went:

Set Pushups
1 50
2 40
3 25
4 25
Finale 62

I’m encouraged by all the people who’ve joined me in this quixotic endeavour. Not to mention the comments from those who haven’t joined, yet still find time to cheer us on. Thanks everyone.