Parenting – Nothing prepares you for it…

By now you’ll know that Miss11, our youngest daughter, Charis, had a horrific accident on Thursday. In what was an innocent Sydney Summer Holiday afternoon, she had a friend over to swim. Charis, ever the gymnast, was demonstrating her new backflip into the pool. Only this time, she missed the water.

What followed was 48 hours of crisis management, family co-ordination, global communication, medical learning, even negotiation. All this whilst hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.

You want to fall apart, but you can’t. You want to wind the clock back, but you can’t. You desperately want to substitute yourself for your child, but you can’t.

The next 3 mins is a vignette of just some of the experiences over the last 48 hours.

To be honest, when things are happening, you’ve no time (or place) to be capturing things on video. But there’s also a lot of time when nothing is happening. Very much like in the army, it’s all “Hurry up & wait!”

  • The 1st big fear was that she’d broken her neck – an x-ray ruled that out.
  • The 2nd was that she had suffered neurological damage, through a possible fracture in her forehead (air had leaked from her sinus under the skin) – today a CT Scan ruled that out.

She has broken her nose, & this will have to be reset surgically in the next week or so. Not great for a young lady about to start High School.

But we have been blessed by all of the support from friends & family, near & far. We’re blessed that her injuries by and large are superficial.

But despite the issues we have been dealing with in the first 3 weeks of 2010, like all issues that actually warrant concern, this one blind-sided us on a Thursday afternoon….

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