Intersection of Azure, Silverlight, and DeepZoom

I’m certainly not the first to blog about this great example of our newest technologies working together. You’ll find great coverage at Paolo Barone & Steve Clayton’s blogs. But I do like it.

One of the features I really love is the ability to import Flickr photosets and embed them like never before in your blog. To demonstrate, I created a quick album of Amanzi’s 13th Birthday shots here. For some reason, most of these shots are of Charis – I think I have more on another camera. 🙂


This is a great way to display any of your photos, in original resolution, on the web no matter the viewers connection speed. Try zooming into the photos, go full screen and play around with the options.

You can sign up for your own album at and display photos from Facebook, Flickr, or upload your own.