Blogging comes to the iPad. Properly?

I love my iPad, and I hardly go a day without using it. From email to presentations, news to photography, music notation to mind mapping, the device has become one of the most important tools in my life.

Blogging, however, was an issue. The WordPress app would connect to my blogs (which run on WordPress software) but there was no option to save local drafts. This meant that if you didn’t finish a post in one sitting, you lost everything. Doh!

Even email is a better solution than that. Of course email doesn’t cater too well for photos and videos, except on Posterous (which I have to say is an AWESOME free blogging platform that I use for my moblog).

But to work on a post for some time, get up for a cuppa, and then lose everything because you closed the app, was, well frustratingly tedious to say the least.

It seems the new update allows local drafts. As this post demonstrates. Sweet.

Now, I can blog from the iPad with impunity.