…but wait there’s more (Sydney Mobile Online Meeting Details)

Araya PicturesWhat, more than Araya Pictures MD, Dr Avnesh Ratnesan talking about Australia’s First Ever Dedicated Mobile Film Fest?Bonobo

More than Michael Del Borrello, from Bonobo Labs, talking about Yoink! and iBoost?  How to kick start your mobile development business.

More than your very own Rog42 facilitating a Speed Networking session?

Yep, more than all of that. Y’see, we’re streaming live over LiveMeeting. Come and join us from within whichever state, nation, or even nation state you reside. Online, with full streaming video, audio, and slides of the meeting.

Join the Meeting 6:30pm Tuesday 9 Feb 2010

The marvels of modern technology. Whatever will they think of next?

Free Giveaway Site, Turbo Booster for your Car, Australia’s first ever Mobile Film Fest

This week at the Sydney Mobile Usergroup, the monthly place to meet for technologists interested in Mobile Technology, we have a couple of great speakers.

Dr Avi Ratnanesan, MD of Araya Pictures will introduce us to Australia’s first ever Film Fest, to be screened in August, with entries shot entirely on Mobile Phones.

Then Michael from Bonobo Labs will show the amazing stuff they’re doing using location aware technology on smartphones with applications like Yoink! (Free Giveaway site) and Turboboost.

I’ll then run a “Speed Networking” session. So bring business cards, and be prepared to have a lot of fun.

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