Broughty Ferry

IMG_1086After two gruelling, if enjoyable days of riding totally more than 1000 miles (1600 kms) or the equivalent of Sydney-Melbourne return, I decide to take a morning off. I still have a big ride today, but need to respect the limits of my body and change it up a bit.

I also may need to recover from a Laphroaig vs Jura comparison. Hot smile

IMAG0833So I sleep in, all of 7 hours, until about 8 and break my fast with a bagel and a couple of slices of home cut toast. Not to mention the biggest mug of tea one can get (in a Desperate Dan mug). Kevin and Wendy’s house is wonderful, right on the beachfront of “the Ferry”, and the weather again just perfect. Cold, cloudy, windy? Yes. But perfect nonetheless.

There’s a major event in Dundee this morning. A couple of 70’s residential apartment blocks are to be demolished at midday. We decide to walk closer to town to view this explosive event. An opportunity to stretch the legs, and enjoy the bracing Scottish weather.

Because I’m planning to leave late, I decide to stay in the Hilton tonight, rather than another AirBnB host. This takes off the pressure of having to get into town at a given time, or wait for responses from hosts. Many hosts check their email daily, but a bunch only check a couple of times a week.

So, Kevin, Wendy, their son, Ewan, and I head out just before 11 at an energetic pace, into the fresh wind, to find the ultimate viewing location. At 11:30 we’re at a location which has no view of the apartment blocks, and aren’t likely to get to line of sight by moving closer. So we  head back to the Esplanade. All in all, a great walk and even better conversation.

Then we face the brunt of the wind for another hour, waiting for the buildings to come down. Our last update was for the demolition at midday, but here we are at 12:30 with nothing happening. A quick enquiry with a police car that’s pulled up, and we’re given a 10 minute countdown. They jump out the car with “a minute” to go, and we turn around, to find the buildings disappearing in a cloud of dust. After all that I missed it. Fortunately Ewan was on the ball, and video’d the whole event. Check it out.

Demolition Dundee

I really enjoyed catching up with the Laahs’. A proudly Scottish stay, with single malts, Haggis, Scottish sausage, and kind hospitality. Brilliant. But now it’s time to pack up, fuel up, and head south. 10 to 3! Yikes! I’d better get riding.