It’s been way too long since I blogged. Partly that’s because I’ve been far busier than I ever expected setting up my new Enterprise. There is so much to learn, develop, and do, which I never expected. Partly, things in the family are pretty tumultuous. Partly, there are things I cannot divulge because of my work situation. I don’t want to put any relationships or legal agreements at risk.

More on that very soon. My role working for Microsoft finishes on 12 June, so watch this space.

Last night I had the opportunity to watch Amanzi play her violin in the School Strings Ensemble. The school hosted an annual Cabaret night, and although I was dateless (Lu winging her way to the UK) I had a good time.

Here’s a short video of one of the songs. Please excuse the quality, especially of the audio. I was using my new little Panasonic Compact camera. It’s a great cam, but not the best for video. Especially without a decent mic. I should’ve taken the Canon (doh!)

Note, HD is on in the embedded video. But I didn’t shoot in HD.