Size Matters – Busting the Fallacy of the “It’s just a bigger iPad” Myth

Tim Cook holds up the iPad Pro
It’s an iPad Tim, but not as we know it Credit:

Just a Bigger iPad

Is the iPad Pro just a “bigger iPad?” I’d argue not, in the same way a 4WD isn’t just a “bigger car” or a A380 just a “bigger aeroplane.”

My experience with both the iPad Pro, and the iPhone 6s+, is that the footprint makes a significant difference by itself. And then there are additional features to boot.

Some areas which have made a material difference in these tools for work and travel:

 1. Battery life.

My phone easily lasts 2 full days. And I never worry about turning off services, or not using it for location tracking, photos, email, messaging, calls, video etc.

The iPad Pro easily lasts a week most weeks, and well over 12 hours of full usage (Internet, Video editing, composing etc)

2. Screen Real Estate

Both the iPad Pro at 5.6MPx and the iPhone 6s+ at True HD 1080p have striking screens that is brilliant for consuming video. The iPP actually is the best device I’ve used to date to edit video as well. You get all the screen size to view original HD footage, and plenty of space for video & audio tracks, transitions, titles, and clips.

The iPhone display finally makes it a device I’m happy to read novels on (although still use Audible more than Kindle when out and about). It’s actually big enough for chord charts for my guitar at a pinch. And as a navigator on the bike or in the car, the 5.5″ screen is bigger than many commercial GPS units. Suffice to say, previous iPhones now seem ridiculously small and unusable.

The iPP display makes it the ideal device for handwritten notes, and drawings. I regularly use this as a portable whiteboard with clients and colleagues.

3. The Camera

I still find it wierd to use the iPP as a camera, although it does a pretty decent job at 8MPx. Video is a respectable 1080p.

The iPhone 6s+, however, has an awesome camera. And with 4K video, about the only time I use another video camera is the GoPro Hero 4 Action Cam because I need to be hands free.

Both of these come into their own for Video Conferences, Facetime with family and friends, or Skype (for Business)/Zoom for work conferences. But it’s the size (again the screen) that make this a great experience.

4. Other Features

We’ve  already mentioned other features that put the Pro into iPad Pro, like the Pencil, Keyboard, Speakers etc.

Don’t Dimiss It

So be careful not to dismiss the iPad Pro as a professional tool, because you have experience with previous iPad’s and consider this just a ‘bigger’ device. I encourage you to give it another go, because you can do so much more.


This week I was migrated back to a QWERTY keyboard driven WinMo phone. Thanks to our friends at Palm. It is an awesome device, but more on that in another post. For now I want to talk about the much vaunted new service, MyPhone.

It’s in beta, so I did sit on a waiting list to get an activation code. But once I received that, I installed this on the Omnia, and it really is a “set and forget” service. So much so, that I even forgot I’d installed it.

My usual process for transitioning to a new phone is to:

  • Transfer the SIM card
  • Connect to our Exchange Server – which automatically syncs my work calendar, email, contacts, and tasks
  • Sign in to my Windows Live account – which syncs my personal email and contacts
  • Install whatever apps I deem mission critical at the moment.

It’s usually 20-30 mins and I’m back online. But that is sans whatever photos, videos, and documents are on the old phone. Not to mention, SMS messages.

This time I also just pointed the phone browser to Installed the MyPhone app, signed in with my LiveID, and clicked Sync.

Voila. The Palm Treo Pro was a functional clone of the Samsung Omnia. The best thing was that all of my threaded SMS conversations were just there.

Not only that, but you can get at these online as well. Sweet.

“So how does this differ from Live Mesh?”€ I hear you ask.

Mesh is a distributed platform for applications. Currently only one of the developed apps is folder share. So yes you can use it to back up files (including docs, photos, music, video). But on the phone this:

  • Needs considered setting up. You don’t want to be getting 100MB videos downloading to your phone over the air.
  • Only syncs when you run the app, but if Mesh is running, will sync data immediately.
  • Doesn’t mesh messaging data like SMS/MMS.
  • Allows you to share with whomever has joined your various Mesh folders

MyPhone is automatic, remote, backup & restore for your phone. It won’t sync automatically as you add a file, like Mesh, but backs up all your data at a scheduled frequency. The default is daily.

It doesn’t allow you to share with other people, but does allow you to add multiple phones.

But it is super easy to setup. Install, login, set the sync frequency, then forget about it.

If you have a Windows Mobile Phone, indispensible!!