Diving Sydney Harbour

Last November I was back in Sodwana Bay, in South Africa, with Miss19, Miss17, and their boyfriends. Sodwana is one of the premier dive locations in the world. In fact, there's not much else to do there except charter boat fishing.

But diving is what it's known for.

The water is warm, the visibility clear, the marine life rich. It's close to the continental shelf so you get large pelagics, as well as tropical corals. Simply put, it's a divers heaven.

Also diving at Sodwana is a true African adventure. A helter, skelter, “hang on for dear life” surf launch, coupled with sharks, eels, turtles, and when you're especially lucky, dolphins.


Miss19 becomes Miss20 on Tuesday, and suggested, “Hey, could we do a dive for my birthday?”

Could we indeed?

So I booked the three of us on a boat dive on the Frog Dive boat for this morning. And let her loose on Sydney Harbour

[vimeo 162362881 w=800&h=480]

What a fantastic dive…