Plans for the Month of February

Sketching and Drawing

First attempt at humanoid wireframe – learning proportions

As mentioned in the iPad Pro in Anger series, I have fallen in love with the Apple Pencil. So much so, that although I’ve spent a lifetime doodling, I want to learn to draw. To sketch. People, places, experiences.

Ultimately I’d like to draw cartoons or comics to illustrate this blog. Which, I think, is going to be a lot more challenging than meets the eye. But there it is.

I have invested in two courses on drawing, and will commit to 30 – 60 minutes every night to the cause.

I’ll be sure to post my daily progress. Probably on my Instagram account, with occasional, perhaps weekly updates to this blog.

Being the Best Best Man I Can Be

Some months ago a couple of great friends decided to tie the knot, and to my surprise they asked me to be the Best Man. The wedding is in two weeks (gulp) and I need to ensure:

  • My speech achieves the appropriate level of meaning, wit, and brevity
  • The stag night is planned and executed
  • The day, at least from the grooms perspective, runs tickety boo

So work cut out for me then.

Selling the House

This one seems a little more out of my hands. Apart from ensuring the house is tidy enough for “Open Homes” this seems to be about passively letting people look at and offer on the house. Passivity is never my thing, so if we don’t sell by the end of February, I’ll be re-looking at our strategy.

Driving VR in the Enterprise

From a work perspective, I’m collaborating and facilitating a Proof of Concept that will drive Virtual Reality as a meaningful tool for our (HPE) enterprise customers. It’s a pretty exciting project that will take two to three months. More as I can share.

This is exactly where I want to be in technology, driving innovative, but meaningful solutions with disruptive technologies.

Contributing to STEM Education

Again, there’s not a lot I can mention here, apart from saying that I’m working on a project that has the opportunity to seriously turn the dial on STEM Education in Australia.

If this comes off, so much will change.

Hand Writing Thank-you notes

I’ve reinstituted my weekly hand-written thank-you notes. Only I’m using technology for a (logistical) twist:

I’m using an app called Touchnote, that allows me to send a postcard with a picture from my photo roll, to anyone in the world.

So I can use Paper by 53, to handwrite my thank-you note, save it as a picture, then have it printed in hard copy as a beautiful glossy card, and sent to those I want to thank.

Simple. Effective. Beautiful. And delightfully Different.


Yep, I’ll still be continuing my challenge to blog every day of 2016. I hope that you find the content refreshing, authentic, entertaining, provocative, even helpful.

If you do, please comment.

If you don’t, please comment.