The Seven Deadly Sins of February

Project 2012: Day 32

Answer to Day 25:

If you take a point on the circumference of a wheel that touches the road, it will go up in an arc, and down to a solitary point. I.e. unless it’s stationary, the point is moving upwards, forwards, and downwards.

However, if you extend the diameter of the wheel beyond the level of the road, the point that touches the road will do the same, but the point on the circumference that drops below the road will go backwards to go forwards.

What wheels have this attribute? Train wheels. So the a point on the circumference of a train wheel will go backwards to help the train move forwards.

Who’s with me?

Lucy, Em, and I have signed up for the inaugural Australian “1 Million Kilo Challenge.” This is all about pledging to lose weight over 10 weeks from the beginning of Feb. Over the country, the target total of weightloss pledged = 1,000,000 kg.

That’s a lot of butter.

To support those pledged, the organisers are providing diet and exercise plans. But I’m adding two characteristics that I know prove successful for me. Accountability and Competition.

So with a couple of friends we’ve created our own competition:
[Giving up] The Seven Deadly Sins of February. First person to pike takes the others out to dinner.

So what are these 7 mortal sins we’re forgoing to shed the tractor tyre?

  1. Wrath – Alcohol (If you do have a drink you must donate $20 to your favourite charity)
  2. Gluttony – Chips (hot and crisps)
  3. Greed – Any added sugar
  4. Pride – Any added salt
  5. Acedia – Caffeine (coffee & tea)
  6. Envy – Soda’s – diet or otherwise – sparkling water is the only carbonated drink allowed
  7. Lust – Chocolate

I’ll be weighing myself and measuring my weight at the beginning of the month, then again on the 29th, and will post how successful this has been.

How about you? Feel free to join, not only for weightloss, but also for an overall reset for general health.

Counting the Cost

The thing about cycling to work, no matter the justifications, is that you actually have to get home again. There were times today that I seriously considered just taking the bike on the train, but am glad I didn’t.

So like any beginner at something, during that Unconscious Incompetent stage (you don’t know what you don’t know), bright eyed and eager, I decided to actually cycle home with Phil my “cycle buddy.”

Then we headed off, and on this particular route, the way route home is easily twice the distance with a huge increase in up-hills. I can honestly say that without Phil, this would’ve been too daunting. I just would not have known where to go, how to handle different crossings, or what (hills, traffic, etc) to prepare for.

Unequivocally I’d recommend doing this. Get out, fix up that old bike, or better yet, get a new one. But do diligently consider the cost – your personal fitness level, the added time to work, need for shower facilities, navigation of the route, refresher of those old bike safety skills, yes the pain too – and ensure that you build in the support network you need.

At the end of the day – I made it. No heart attacks (although I worried for a while), and for tonight at least, I can still walk.


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3 Good Reasons

Over the last year or so, I’ve been considering cycling to work, and this morning made the first run. Whew.

There are 3 reasons which led to this momentous outcome:

  1. Drop the spare tire. Yep, I’ve been up and down with weight, and of course consistent exercise (without feeling like having to sacrifice time etc) is key. So, my primary reason is health.
  2. Save the planet. I’m hardly the “greenest” individual in the world, between the 4WD, the 3 (soon to be 4) car family, the computers, and regular international travel; I reckon my carbon footprint is the size of a small Pacific island. That said, a 10% drop for me would make a huge impact, right?
  3. Pecuniary Strangulation. Ok, this is tenuous. After all the GFT (Global Financial Tsunami) hasn’t had too much personal impact. Yet! Also getting a bike required some significant investment in its own right. But the GFT will have an impact, and it’s good to be proactive about these things.

So justification over, I signed up, headed out on Saturday and purchased my new “trusty steed”

New Wheels

And this morning, I thought to capture the experience on the phone. Unfortunately the first chapter of my Vidblog corrupted somehow, and didn’t upload to the server. However, the next two – Getting to the top of my first hill (about 600m from home) and actually making it to the office, did. Here they are:


The way I feel right now? Unsure if I’m going to be up for cycling home – or trying out the new Chatswood to Epping Railway Line….

We’ll see

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