TAG 003 – Technology for the Average Guy – Episode 3

This week the Tech for the Average Guy Podcast speaks to Journalist James Bannan from the APC, and what happened at the Microsoft TechEd Conference.

Well we had a couple of interruptions to our usual programming, which we’re working hard to remedy. Firstly, James and I were up on the Gold Coast for the Microsoft TechEd Conference. Both of us were there in a speaking capacity, which proves a rather heavy workload. Then just to top us, Nick went and contracted Pnuemonia, (as you do) and was out of action.

However, I did manage to catch up with James Bannan, IT Administrator and Journalist for the APC. So he works with your average teacher, and writes for the non-professional IT user all the time. It was great to get some of his insights for the technologies launched at TechEd, and what he believes will be a game changer for 2010.

This week our FLR people:



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