Technology Companies The New Leaders Of The Economy

If the new arbiter of knowledge is digital access to the planetary knowledge base, then whatever industry you’re in, your company needs to become a technology company.

A bank is no longer a physical network of branches to deposit cheques and dispense payroll. A bank is a technology company. The digital platform denizens use to save, invest, share, and access their wealth.

A hospital is no longer just a building with clinical staff. It is a technology company. The digital hub for healthcare across communities, demographies, and specialist cohorts.

If you are not a technology company you simply cannot complete in a digital world. In the same way if you didn’t industrialise you simply couldn’t compete in an industrial world.

This already applies to every industry, and over time will increasingly disrupt every business. Every role. Every job.

What is your company doing about a digital strategy?

What technologies are you learning to ensure a career?

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