The Perfect Blend

Project 2012: Day 148

In “Enemy of the State” Will Smith’s character, a lawyer, finds relaxation in “blending” fruit juices. To this effect he has a good quality blender, and I personally can’t recommend this enough.

We’re onto our third blender now, something about someone putting a whole (peeled) orange into the blender without breaking it into segments first (er, hem). I managed to strip the plastic gears that drive the metal blades.

Anywhoo, we now have a heavy duty, glass jugged, metal bladed, 3 speed blender.

For someone like me, that would rather rip the plastic off of a Snickers than peel an orange, blending is my way of getting 5 fruits into me.

Today’s recipe is more smoothie than blend, but hey, who’s watching. Just as relaxing.

So the trick is to mix a combination of juicy, sharp, and sweet fruits together. To make it a smoothie, add a dairy (yoghurt, frozen yoghurt, cream, or ice-cream). To make it a blend, have more juicy fruits (oranges, grapes etc) than stodgy ones (bananas, apples etc)

One of my favourites is something like:

  • 1 x banana
  • 1 x handful blueberries (frozen is good)
  • 1 x handful raspberries (again, frozen is good)
  • about 350ml apple juice
  • 1 x ice tray of ice cubes
  • Either 1 x mandarin, orange, or mango – peeled, segmented
  • 3 x tbsn smooth peanut butter
  • 250ml cream, ice-cream, yoghurt or frozen yoghurt

You can substitute the ice cubes with more frozen fruits (banana chunks, berries etc) this is to keep it cold.

Whack it in the blender and whizz it up.


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