Who’s Driving: The Art of Active Job Hunting

Project 2012: Day 37

So you’re looking for your dream job, or the next one anyway. You are, as they say, Job Hunting…

…Yet when I speak to people about how it’s going, or what they’re doing, I get the following answers:

“Well, I’ve submitted my CV, and I’m still waiting for the recruiter to call.”

“Had a great chat with the recruiter, but the company is slow in getting back to them.”

“I’ve downloaded 15 jobs to the [website] profile, and have sent an application in to each. I expect to hear any day now.”

Clearly, none of these people have been hunting. Or farming for that matter. Trapping perhaps.

Y’see, there is a distinct lack of action in any of the above statements. If you’re hunting, you’re active. Yes, yes, there are times when you wait in stealth for your quarry. But never without action in the first place.

If you want to land your next job, be proactive on the communication. Some techniques:

  1. Always endeavour to get the email/phone details of the hiring manager, and their PA.
  2. Whenever you’re talking to recruiters (corporate or agency) never simply accept “we’ll call you.” Politely suggest a couple of good times that could be “mutually convenient.”
    Agency: “Thanks for your interest, I’ll contact the hiring manager, and get back to you”
    You: “That’s great, I’m keen to progress this, Friday afternoon or Monday morning I should be available for a chat, and I can probably arrange time for an interview next week. When would it be good for you to let me know?”
  3. If they don’t call you by the agreed time, call them!

Yes, you don’t want to be a pest. And yes, you don’t want to continue flogging a dead horse. Sometimes you do have to wait. That’s fine, all I’m suggesting is that you quantify the real reasons, and length of time you can expect to wait, and you manage the communication.

If you’re running a number of job prospects, with a number of contacts for each one, you’ll need to have some system in place to track the activities. So that when Wayne phones about the Airline, you don’t confuse him with Bob about the bank. Smile

But everyday, you should have at least one active task for every job prospect you’re chasing.

More on that, next week.

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